Inspired Food and Wellness - Personal Chef, Personal Trainer, and Life Coach in Austin Texas

Inspired Food and Wellness is a boutique business offering complete personal and customized wellness services to our clientele. Organized into three complimenting divisions, IFW provides personal chefs, personal trainers and life coaching.



Inspired Culinary is Austin’s premier personal chef company that offers in-home chef service, custom meal deliveries for all of Austin and the surrounding areas, as well as an “a la carte” meal-delivery subscription service. Try our Smart Kitchen™ Consultations or a private chef cooking class for fun and exciting ways to learn about healthy food. Contact us today and start coming home to healthy and delicious meals prepared just the way you like!



Inspired Fitness is Austin’s unique personal training service that offers dynamic workouts for people of all ages and fitness levels. Our trainers work with everyone from new mothers to athletes and clients in need of rehabilitation. We promise that if you sign up for any of our programs (weight-loss, high intensity or strength training), you will not only see impressive results but you will have fun in the process!



Inspired Coaching is Austin’s most qualified certified life coaching service. Our life coaching program is designed to inspire you to maximize your potential and make your dreams a reality. Our affordable life coaching, either in person or online, will provide you with the support, motivation, insight and accountability you need to discover your true intentions and reach your goals.


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