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Originally an educator and coach of children, I quickly found my passion for coaching women after opening a wellness business in Austin, Texas.  The success of that business and working with the young women that help me run the company made life coaching a natural next step to enhance the offerings of the wellness business.

People often ask me, "why coaching"?  My passion for coaching is about the satisfaction I receive seeing a woman realize that SHE has the power to achieve her dreams.  There is nothing better than being present when a woman becomes re-acquainted with her own strength and confidence.

I am a certified life and wellness coach that typically works with successful women who desire a more fulfilling life.  Coaching clients that work with me are looking to make progress with specific life, business and/or wellness goals, need help becoming unstuck (decision making/overcoming fears) and hope to gain more satisfaction in various parts of their lives.  In short, they seek a fully contented life that feels like it is more often than not moving towards balance.

I use a practical, results-driven and whole-life focused coaching process.  This coaching style helps my clients stay focused, inspired, motivated and accountable.  More importantly, this process helps clients create a clear vision, mission and action plan that ties individual lifestyle desires (family responsibilities, financial needs, wellness demands and value based needs) with action plan execution.

With open communication, a strong coaching relationship and straight forward sessions providing meaningful perspective, clients achieve rapid results with self-determined goals that have been thoroughly considered.  A great coach listens to what is being said and, more often, what is not being said. This level of listening is crucial for a successful coaching relationship.  

I credit The University of Texas at Austin, The Cooper Institute in Dallas the International Coach Federation and MentorCoach for providing me with the education and continuing education needed to be a successful coach.  I strongly believe that an authentic relationship with a coach is one key to success.  Anyone interested in talking to me about coaching is encouraged to contact me at 512-540-1895 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation.

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