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 by Kimberly Putman icflogocolor

At Inspired Coaching, I work mainly with successful female clients who feel overburdened by their current life schedule.  Clients often describe being "stuck" and unable to move forward and make important decisions.  The people that work with me are typically seeking assistance creating a life that is fulfilling and authentic to their values. 

The magic ingredient to my coaching method is a results-driven process that is whole-life focused with a strong wellness component.  Clients learn how to prioritize, create new thought patterns, find new solutions to old problems, increase decision making skills, gain tools for use in their careers or businesses, increase personal fulfillment and VASTLY improve wellness.

As a coach, it is crucial that I am able to provide relevant and significant perspective to an empowered client so that she can make swift progress to her goals.  The perspective that I offer my clients comes from having been there!  

I have spent time in the business world working long hours and feeling like there was no time left to take care of myself much less anyone else.  I understand where my clients are coming from and how to get them to where they want to be.

In the last twenty years, I have started three successful businesses, one of which attracted a high profile buyer.  The traps for discontent are out there.  I ask that my clients use my experience and coaching method to achieve the success I enjoy.

I credit the University of Texas at Austin, the Cooper Institute in Dallas, MentorCoach and the International Coach Federation for providing me with the education, tools and experience needed to help many clients achieve success.

Prospective clients often ask about the coaching process. The initial process includes assisting the client in developing/communicating a concrete mission, vision, action plan and accountability plan that facilitates progress towards her goals.

Clients can expect to work on the following items in addition to his or her specific goals:

1. Wellness 
2. Clarity of thinking, block identification and new thought pattern creation 
3. Productivity & problem solving 
3. Boundary setting 
4. Communication 
5. Living proactively

I feel strongly about ensuring potential new clients feel an authentic connection with me. Anyone who feels we might be a match for coaching is encouraged to call 512-540-1895 for a free consultation. We can talk about your personal goals and direction along with my professional strategies and philosophy.

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