Life Coaching FAQ

What can you expect from working with a professional coach?

  • Comprehensive coaching that includes assessing your strengths and the parts of your life that are working well
  • Assistance creating a clear vision of what you want to achieve in various aspects of your life
  • Design of a plan of action
  • Discussing and working together to break down barriers and overcome obstacles to success
  • Accountability and motivation in making progress throughout your goal seeking plan
  • Assistance in finding resources and support to acquire the skills and tools you need to achieve your goals


What does life, wellness and entrepreneurial coaching include?

  • Clarity of thinking through fear or block identification
  • Developement of new thought patterns and habits
  • Identifying, setting and support in achieving short and long term goals
  • Creation of action plan 
  • Career and entrepreneurial discussions
  • Support during transitions
  • Motivation and accountability 
  • Referral resource


Why coaching?

  • Are you unsatisfied with part or parts of your life?
  • Do you feel "stuck" or unable to make decisions about how to progress forward?
  • Do you feel afraid to make the wrong decision about your future and do not know where to find help or who to ask for advice?
  • Are you facing a life or work transition and are looking for positive support that can assist you in achieving new direction?
  • Do you need direct, unbiased, meaningful advice from a professional trained to empower you?

What can I expect from a typical private coaching session?

Depending on where we are in our coaching relationship, we will generally begin with a description from you about the status of the lifestyle plan we designed together; meaning we will check in on your accomplishments and your commitments.  Discussions about new or continuing issues will typically follow, ending with a renewal of long term commitments and perhaps additions of new commitments.  A great life coach always provides meaningful perspecitive when appropriate.   

How often should I expect to meet with a coach?

My clients make appointments at the rate that best suits their lifestyles.  Some clients make appointments once per week and some once per month.  After we have our first meeting, we can discuss together what schedule will be the best match for your life coaching goals.


Where will I meet with Kimberly?

Clients have several choices when choosing a location for sessions.  Many clients like to meet in our private studio office located in northwest Austin.  Other clients prefer to meet in their homes or offices. The current trend, however, is for clients to make appointments to “meet” on Skype.  You can easily access my coaching services via Skype from this website.  Please call for more details about how to set up a Skype account for yourself.

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