Personal Chef in Austin, Texas

Our team is committed to using the highest quality ingredients and, often, organic products. We source many of our products from local suppliers like Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Boggy Creek Farms, Sunset Valley Farmer’s Market.  We prefer shopping at our local Central Market, Whole Foods Market and HEB.

We believe organic, natural foods and high levels of sustainability are key to a truly, happy & healthy lifestyle.

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In Home Personal Chef Service

salmonIn-Home cooking services provide culinary assistance at a higher service level. It is designed to offer the luxury of gourmet food in the convenience of your own home. 

Our private chefs can prepare restaurant-style meals for nightly, plated dinner service as well as provide packaged meals for use throughout the week. Let our staff help organize and stock your kitchen with everything from groceries to breakfasts, lunches, snacks, fresh salads, desserts and dinners.  

How much does a personal chef cost? Call us today to discuss the many options and benefits of In-Home Meal Preparation!


Custom Meal Delivery Service

Ausint food_Delivery_svcOur delivery service is customized to our clients' tastes and dietary specifications.  The best chefs at our company will work individually with clients to create menus tailored to their exact needs.  We have extensive experience assisting clients whose dietary restrictions range from gluten and dairy intolerance, to vegan diets, Candida cleanses, antigen based elimination and/or HCG diets.  We view any dietary limitations as an exciting challenge in our menu planning process! 

For packaging, we use recyclable foil containers and reusable BPA free plastic containers. If a client prefers meals to be stored in glass containers, we can purchase and use those as well.  All food is labeled for your convenience and is accompanied by a menu with specific reheating instructions. Because our larger packages are more economical, we often prepare meals that are "freezer-friendly". 

We sell packages for individuals, couples and families. Our smaller packages typically start at $185 per week. Please call us for specific information about the number of meals and portions sizes you have in mind.



Private Cooking Lessons

Learning how to prepare healthy meals in a fun and efficient way is often a turning point in improving your wellness and fitness. Let one of our healthy chefs provide you (and some of your friends!) with private in-home cooking classes suited to your skill level. 

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Classes are completely customized to your needs. Call today and schedule a class!  Prices for classes start at $45-$75 per hour plus the cost of food.


Smart Kitchen 

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Our healthy personal chef team offers a kitchen consultation service that helps you unravel the tricks of the product marketing trade. Learn from a professional how to shop efficiently, choose the best products, select the best produce and design efficient menus. Grocery shopping field trips and cooking classes are also available as follow up sessions.

Additionally, in order to help you stock your kitchen with the most nutritional choices for you and your family, we evaluate each and every food item in your pantry, explaining which choices are healthy, which ones you might want to avoid, and why. Reading food labels, decoding food manufacturer's gimmicks, and identifying healthy product alternatives will all be discussed during the consultation.

Our SmartKitchen Consultations typically occur as first and second sessions; third sessions are usually scheduled as a cooking class.

  • First sessions generally include product selection, pantry overhaul and efficient menu planning.
  • Second sessions include grocery shopping field trips and chef prep skills.
  • Clients frequently reserve their third session for private, in-home, chef taught cooking classes.

You will be cooking like a professional when your classes are complete. Contact us today for information on scheduling your SmartKitchen Consultation!

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