kim coach


I am a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach and have held certifications through the American Council on Exercise as well as NETA (formerly known as NDEITA).

The Cooper Institute program is one of the most widely recognized certification organizations in the fitness industry. The extensive hands on continuing education required to maintain Cooper Institute certification ensures that the clients of Cooper graduates receive up-to-date scientific research on health and fitness, as well as innovative and safe training techniques.


My personal athletic background includes three years of varsity basketball, swimming competitively at the national level from the age of five to eighteen and numerous community running and swimming events around the country. I continue to enjoy running, weight lifting, aerobic dance, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, swimming, basketball…and chasing after my young son!

Having been in the fitness and wellness industry for almost twenty years, I have had the opportunity to work as a personal trainer, wellness/life coach, group-fitness instructor and swim clinic supervisor.

I am not a “drill sergeant” style trainer. Without a doubt, I believe in training hard – but training smart and safe is equally important. My goal is that our training sessions are times that you look forward to, that give you energy, confidence, power and information. Each training session with me will be different. We will work on all parts of your body, in balance, making sure that you are not just changing the way your body looks, but improving the way it feels and functions.

Support, encouragement, motivation, knowledge, passion and the professional expertise to coach are the strengths that I bring to my fitness programs. I am honestly and passionately dedicated to the overall well-being of my clients.

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