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Drink Your Salads!

3 Salad Smoothie Recipes; using fruit, salad greens and vegetables!

Drink Your Salads!

Yes, you read that right. I am urging you to drink your salads. I spend a lot of time trying to constantly improve my eating habits. Last year, I began having salads for lunch everyday. I added all kinds of things to my salads (all healthy choices, of course).

What happened, though, was that the bulky nature of the salad filled up volume in my stomach without providing me with enough caloric density to power me through the afternoon hours.

What to do? Keep the salad by blending it with fruit and milk substitute, add other calorie dense food to lunch and feel more satisfied! It was a super delicious and nutritious decision. I am able to control my afternoon cravings, have more fruit and veggies during the day, and I love the fresh taste the smoothies provide.

Most salad greens work well –

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Holiday Party Menu Ideas

We are sharing a few of our fool-proof party menus!

Holiday Party Menu Ideas

As Christmas slowly approaches, we find ourselves swamped with cocktail parties, company dinners, white elephant gift exchanges and those horrible buffets of endless glob and goop. Now, let's see what we can do about those interesting looking appetizers!

We would like to share some of our most requested plans with you, in hopes that you become INSPIRED to serve a delicious, homemade meal to be proud of! These menus have been used on numerous occasions by our best private chefs for catering their clienteles' holiday gatherings with rave reviews!

Do remember this, Inspired Culinary is available for parties of any kind, we love celebrating with you!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  today to learn more about getting your next party custom catered by our professional personal chefs!

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How to Sustain Exercise Habits

Motivating You to Continue Exercising

How to Sustain Exercise Habits

There is a famous cartoon that pictures a man sitting in a doctor’s office.  The doctor says to the patient, “Well, you can exercise one hour a day or be dead for 24.”

This is how the majority of people think about exercise – as a means of delaying death.  Not such a positive message, right?

Not only is it a doomsday message, but we also know from research data that the efficacy of this strategy to help people sustain an exercise commitment is dismal. 

So why do we all believe that “getting healthy” is a good reason to help us sustain our exercise commitments?  Because it sounds like a logical strategy and because it is the primary message we hear from most health and fitness experts around the world.

Sadly, this message is not the right hook to keep you exercising.

Achieving health and fitness is a long-term goal that takes time, energy and commitment.  There is no immediate gratification associated with the idea of “HEALTH”. 

As humans, we are hard-wired to want immediate gratification.  Generally speaking, we want what we want, when we want it because that makes us feel good.  So, how is our desire for immediate gratification tied to sustaining exercise habits over a lifetime?

It turns out that without an immediate return on investment with respect to exercise, most people will not be motivated to sustain an active lifestyle.

What can you do to increase your chances of staying active throughout your life?

Step one:

Find out what your real immediate return on investment (ROI) is with exercise and focus on that!

HINT: Something positive that makes exercise a gift to yourself: “I will have increased energy and reduced stress throughout the day if I exercise!”

Step two:

Keep a flexible mindset with respect to exercise.  This means having an open mind about what exercise means. 

HINT: You may have in mind what you would like to do for exercise, but every now and then you might not want to do it.  Instead of applying willpower to “just get it done”, be flexible about what exercise might entail so you can enjoy some kind of activity without the negative impact of using willpower.

Step three:

Use a successful model like MAPS as a framework for coaching yourself to exercise. What is MAPS?  It is an acronym for a strategic model about exercise.  It looks like this:

Meaning: What does exercise means to you?

Awareness: What are our core beliefs about exercise?

Permission: Give yourself permission to make exercise a priority.

Strategy: How are you going to implement your intentions to exercise?


  1. Change your language about exercise from “I should” exercise to “I am willing” to exercise.
  2. Sustained motivation to exercise stems from the finding the RIGHT REASON we initiate exercise in the first place!  When motivation is linked to distant, clinical, or abstract goals, health behaviors are not compelling enough to trump the many other daily goals and priorities they constantly compete with.
  3. It is the lack of permission to prioritize self-care that is often toughest nut to crack when creating a sustainable behaviorWhen looking for ways to give yourself Permission to make exercise a priority, ask yourself this: Why would self-care ever be considered self-indulgent?
  4. Make sure that your experience from exercise isIf exercising at high intensities produces negative feeling for you about exercise, your chances of sustaining exercise are very low.  “No pain, no gain” does not work for most people – this is shown time and again in scientific research.  For sustainability, you need to choose physical activities that you enjoy!
  5. We know that moving our bodies is one of the best ways to release dopamine – the so-called “feel good” hormone in theHow do we link knowing this to wanting to exercise?  Tell yourself that by exercising today, you will feel great!

 Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to believe that: 

 You are your most functional and successful self when you exercise on a daily basis!


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Launching Inspired Culinary

IFW Launch

Launching Inspired Culinary

The team members of Inspired Culinary are excited to launch their new venture. To celebrate the rebranding of the culinary service started over fifteen years ago by Kimberly Putman, we want to offer any existing or new customers 10% off of their next Inspired Culinary service when they also purchase a culinary gift certificate over $200 or more!

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Metabolism, Energy, Glucose and You: The Mystery Solved!

Daily Menu and Workout Ideas Included

Metabolism, Energy, Glucose and You: The Mystery Solved!

Do you ever wonder how to unravel all of the advice you hear, read and watch on TV about the “right” way to eat in order to maximize your weight loss, raise your metabolic rate, and increase your energy?  I am going to help you sift through all of that information and give you a plan to follow each day.

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Online Cookbook

Inspired Recipes, a growing database to help inspire you!

Online Cookbook

We chose the name "Inspired Food and Wellness" for our new business name in hopes that we would "inspire" our friends, family and clients to be healthy and enjoy delicious, carefully prepared foods. With that in mind, 

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Perfectionism and The Holidays

A few ideas to help you survive the madness...

Perfectionism and The Holidays

Will the turkey be flavorful? How will I keep everything hot for The Big Meal? Did I make enough food? Is my house perfectly clean? Oh no, my crazy uncle is coming to dinner - what will my neighbors think? Did I purchase a gift for everyone on my list?

Does this sound like anyone you know? Do the holidays send you into a perfectionist tizzy? Well, let's all take a deep breath. No really, take a deep breath, then keep reading...

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Thanksgiving Menu

Pre-Order a Healthy, Prepared Feast for your Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Menu

Leave all the worry and work to the professionals! We can deliver a delicious meal, provide reheating instructions and even help you pick out that perfect bottle of wine! 

Click through to see our Thanksgiving Menu with all of its options and yummy offerings.

Happy Eating!

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TREAT! Easy, Fool-Proof & Delicious Kale Chips at Home

SImple, Nutritious and Addicting - Kale Chips

TREAT! Easy, Fool-Proof & Delicious Kale Chips at Home

We can't tell you how many times we have been asked how we make our Kale Chips so crispy and delicious. While we have the benefit of a food dehydrator for our culinary business, we have developed a recipe for ovens that gives dehydrator quality at home. This recipe has been used many times by our chefs in real homes and is less expensive than packaged kale chips, not to mention healthier and better tasting.

Kale Chips can be the ultimate healthy snack. They can be mixed into salads, stirred into soups, or used as a pasta topper. Try our recipe for delicious homemade Kale Chips!

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