Your overall wellness and fitness are largely tied to how much exercise you perform on a regular basis and how you fuel your body. Our personal training and nutritional counseling services focus on how to help you make lifelong positive changes in both of these areas.  Whether you are in search of weight loss and strength training programs or high intensity workout programs, you have found the right personal trainer in Austin, Texas!

Personal Training, Austin, TX

Inspired personal_trainer_austinInspired Fitness personal training includes a wide range of fitness services. I believe in training the whole body. We will improve your strength, increase your lean muscle mass and raise your metabolism. My goal is to provide the maximum benefit for your body by focusing our workouts on cardiovascular fitness, functional behaviors, injury prevention, overall muscle balance and proprioception.

Below are some of the categories that we will focus on throughout your training process:

  • Strength and Endurance Weight Training
  • Body Sculpting and Weight Loss
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Training
  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Sports Specific & Functional Training
  • High Intensity Interval Workout Programs (HIIT programs)
  • Post Natal Fitness Training (when appropriate)

Nutritional Counseling, Austin, TX

All Inspired Fitness personal training clients are welcome to discuss any nutrition questions with me during our fitness sessions. For those that are interested in more in-depth nutrition instruction, I offer separate nutritional counseling services that include meetings with me to discuss your specific dietary needs, as well as a complete wellness binder full of important information such as health issues, eating habits, metabolism and exercise.

Many of our clients are individuals facing drastic dietary changes due to health conditions such as celiac disease, cardiac issues, Candida over-growth, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, obesity, cancer and dairy intolerance. We meet with these clients to help them put together dietary plans that work within their current lifestyles and along the guidelines provided to them by their doctors and dieticians.

nutritional facts_Smart_KitchenInspired Fitness nutritional counseling service also includes wellness seminars (for groups and businesses), nutritional services like Smart Kitchen, cooking classes and personal chef service provided through our sister company, Inspired Culinary (click here for more information about the nutritional services provided by Inspired Culinary).

The Inspired Fitness wellness seminars can focus on any aspect of wellness that is of interest. Our staff can put together a list of current popular nutrition topics or develop a lecture based on specific requests. We have spoken to groups on everything from general nutrition wellness to how to transition to a vegan diet.

The nutritional counseling services provided by Inspired Fitness all have one thing in common – a focus on the individual needs of each client with the expertise of trained professionals. We know how to help you make nutritional/dietary changes that will make a big impact on your wellness.

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