Expert Advice on How to Make a Desired New Habit Stick!

The 5 Rules of Habit Forming That Work!

Expert Advice on How to Make a Desired New Habit Stick!

The most important concept regarding adding habit forming lifestyle changes to your life is that there is no time like the present. You do not need to wait for the perfect time or until the kids are in school or until the holidays are over or whatever excuse you normally make to start a new routine. The time is now. So GET STARTED!

It is very important, however, to start any new routine slowly and gradually increase the expectations you have for yourself regarding the change. The goals that you set for yourself within the application of this new habit must be attainable. If you exceed your goals everyday for the next three months, great! Won't you feel wonderful? Meeting and exceeding personal goals is crucial to hanging on to a new habit. If you constantly feel like a failure for "failing" to meet your own expectations for a new habit, you are very unlikely to continue the habit.

Having someone provide you with positive feedback, encouragement, and support during the time that you are trying to establish a new habit is very important. A cheerleader is more than just noise in your ear. Having a backup, someone that wants you to succeed greatly increases your chances of achieving your goals.

Let's say you have decided that you are going to walk for an hour three days a week for the next six months. If you beat yourself up because sometimes you only have the time and energy for a twenty minute walk instead of an hour, you are not focusing on the accomplishment of your real goal: adding a healthy amount of exercise to your lifestyle each week. Keep your eye on the ball so to speak - give yourself kudos for your follow through!

The 5 Rules of Habit Forming that Work 

1. Start slowly...but do start!

2. Set attainable goals that you can maintain over the long haul

3. Find a support system that is reliable and consistent

4. Value the accomplishment of the task/habit and avoid judging your every performance

5. Remember that a habit is not about perfection but persistence!


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