Perfectionism and The Holidays

A few ideas to help you survive the madness...

Perfectionism and The Holidays

Will the turkey be flavorful? How will I keep everything hot for The Big Meal? Did I make enough food? Is my house perfectly clean? Oh no, my crazy uncle is coming to dinner - what will my neighbors think? Did I purchase a gift for everyone on my list?

Does this sound like anyone you know? Do the holidays send you into a perfectionist tizzy? Well, let's all take a deep breath. No really, take a deep breath, then keep reading...

Here are some strategies to keep you focused on what is important during the holidays.

1. Make a short list of what you really want to experience this holiday season.

2. Keep this list handy! When you feel yourself getting worked up, look at your list. Remind yourself what is important, take a breath and enjoy the process.

4. Consider ways to delegate holiday responsibilities. Purchase gifts online. Let your kids help wrap the gifts. Hire a chef to prepare the meal or start your food preparations early. Make sure to prepare plenty of food to allow for leftovers. Bring in a maid service to help you clean the house.

All of these ideas plus a large glass of wine, a breath of fresh cold air and a really good hug from Uncle John, could make for quite possibly the most wonderful holiday with loved ones yet!


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