Gratitude and Selfless Giving

The hidden gems of the holiday season!

Gratitude and Selfless Giving

With Christmas just a few weeks away, I thought I would take the time to write a little about gratitude and selfless giving.

What is gratitude? The best definitions of the term include the words thankfulness and appreciation. When I talk to clients about gratitude, they rarely forget to mention the people around them that help them in their everyday lives. They are grateful for their wonderful jobs, families, parents, friends, neighbors, etc. The one thing they often forget to be grateful of is themselves! I like to remind clients to take stock of their healthy bodies, strong minds and open hearts.

It may seem a bit cheesy to thank yourself - but being mindful of your own strengths and well being is important. Taking yourself for granted is a dangerous proposition. It can set you up for self pity when you are having less than a great day. Take some time today to check in with yourself and think of all of the things you are grateful of within your own person.

The other topic I wanted to touch on before the holiday is selfless giving. During this time of year, it is important to remember exactly why we give gifts to others. Sometimes it is to see the joy on your friend's face when she opens up just the thing she wanted. Sometimes it is to help someone in need that could never afford to buy even one gift for her child. What giving is not about is hoping to get special recognition for your expensive purchase, a quid pro quo via a return gift or business bump from your clients.

Giving is about that - just giving. If you have any expectations beyond happiness or joy for the recipient, you might want to consider reflecting on the idea of selfless giving. The internal satisfaction from giving really can feel like a gift to yourself...and nothing more!

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