Charred Kale

The Quick Alternative to Kale Chips!

As you may know, we like to prepare healthy foods for our clients. What you might not know is how often we get our clients hooked on kale in various forms and fashions. This recipe is one of our favorites,in addition to Kale Chips (because we love dehydrating kale),  and we think it's a great weeknight-dinner friendly side dish. 

Kale is easy to prepare, very nutritious and there are a million ways you can season it, though salt and pepper alone work just fine! You can wash, tear and throw it in a salad spinner then throw it in the pan. 


Step One: As wtih all fresh vegetables, Kale has to be washed very thoroughly. Run your fingerswashed rinsed torn and dried kale leaves through the curly leaves, under running water. Rub the leaves to remove all the dirt & bugs. (yes bugs, I have found caterpillars on kale leaves, I swear!)

 Kale with Sea Salt and PepperAfter the kale has been washed, washed, then washed again, tear the leaves off of the stalk or rib, try to get them about the size of a sand dollar or chip, nothing too small. It is important that the pieces are not torn too small because greens shrink as they wilt and we want our side dish to be fork friendly on our plates.

Spin the torn pieces in a salad spinner until dry or  lay them out on a tea towel and gently rub with the towel to dry. 


Stove burner on High for Charring Kale

Step Two:    Heat a large, non-stick skillet over high heat. You want to get the pan almost to a smoking point!  Here, on the immediate right, is a very important picture that you must see in order to understand! Just kidding...


work in batches to cook a large head of kale Step Three: Working in batches for large bundles of Kale, toss the greens into the hot, dry skillet (high-heat canola spray is fine to use if you need or prefer to do so). Toss the leaves around frequently and sprinkle the greens with some salt.

Cook the greens until very little steam is visible. There will be a little browning of some of the leaves and the kale will be wilted.

Just before removing each batch from the pan, toss some seasonings or spices onto the leaves. In these pictures, we used the wonderful, super healthy and antioxidant charged duo of Turmeric & toss kale often in the hot pan for an even charCayenne along with some black pepper and garlic powder.


1st batch of charred kale Step Four: Remove the first batch, set aside and return the pan to the heat. Toss in the next batch and continue this process until all the greens have been cooked.


Step Five: Plate it; set it on the table and enjoy! I know that you will enjoy this dish as much as I do. Play with different spices; add some sliced and sauteed peaches now while they are in season or try tossing the kale in with a grain or pasta; throw in some diced peppers, tomatoes or caramelized onions... the possibilities are endless!

Charred Kale with Ground Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper , Stovetop Preparation 

Tumeric and Cayenne seasoned kale

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