Drink Your Salads!

3 Salad Smoothie Recipes; using fruit, salad greens and vegetables!

Drink Your Salads!

Yes, you read that right. I am urging you to drink your salads. I spend a lot of time trying to constantly improve my eating habits. Last year, I began having salads for lunch everyday. I added all kinds of things to my salads (all healthy choices, of course).

What happened, though, was that the bulky nature of the salad filled up volume in my stomach without providing me with enough caloric density to power me through the afternoon hours.

What to do? Keep the salad by blending it with fruit and milk substitute, add other calorie dense food to lunch and feel more satisfied! It was a super delicious and nutritious decision. I am able to control my afternoon cravings, have more fruit and veggies during the day, and I love the fresh taste the smoothies provide.

Most salad greens work well –

my favorites are kale, spinach, green leaf lettuce, butter lettuce and Romaine. FYI – Arugula is not a good choice – the flavor is way too strong and produces an incredibly nasty drink!

We have posted our 3 favorite recipes in the online recipe database. Click on the links or pictures below to see each recipe in more detail!


Apple Salad Smoothie



Mango Salad Smoothie



Strawberry Salad Smoothie


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