Launching Inspired Culinary

IFW Launch

Launching Inspired Culinary

The team members of Inspired Culinary are excited to launch their new venture. To celebrate the rebranding of the culinary service started over fifteen years ago by Kimberly Putman, we want to offer any existing or new customers 10% off of their next Inspired Culinary service when they also purchase a culinary gift certificate over $200 or more!

For clients that regularly use our service, this is a great way to earn ten percent off your next culinary service. Also, the holidays are just around the corner, so take advantage of this savings offer now! Purchase your holiday gifts early and save ten percent.

People are always asking me for gift ideas. My answer is typically the same..."The desire for delicious food is universal! Give someone a personal chef gift certificate and you can be sure that person will be happy with the gift." New moms, those recovering from illnesses or surgeries, people new to the Austin area, and especially people that have been newly diagnosed with any kind of medical issue that requires difficult dietary changes are great candidates for personal chef gift certificates.

Whether you are buying for someone "that has everything" or buying for a family with a new addition, your gift recipient will feel like he or she has won the lottery! What could be better than receiving delicious gourmet food?

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