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We chose the name "Inspired Food and Wellness" for our new business name in hopes that we would "inspire" our friends, family and clients to be healthy and enjoy delicious, carefully prepared foods. With that in mind, 

chermoula - Image borrowed from ChocolateandZucchini.comwe want to share some of our favorite recipes from our web-based cookbook that you can find in the culinary section of our website (our recipe selection will grow each week as we add new recipes during our weekly menu planning process). Check back frequently to see what we have added.

Pear and Almond QuinoaThis week we added a "Chermoula Sauce" recipe that is divine over grilled chicken breasts or drizzled over crusty grilled bread and veggies.

Serve this sauce over your main dish, "pair" with our "Pear and Almond Quinoa" and you have a quick, gourmet meal that you can be proud to serve.



A little note about where we find our inspiration...

Our inspiration often comes from our travels, new eateries and new cookbooks that we explore. Our new favorite book is one I picked up after a fun visit to the New Orleans public library branch in my old Big Easy Uptown neighborhood. The book is Herbavoracious by Michael Natkin. The book is carefully researched with recipes that have been well tested. They are unique items as well as inspiring versions of old classics. Pick up a copy on Amazon.com, at Barnes & Noble or see if your local library has a copy.


We encourage you to leave comments below, such as some of your favorite cookbooks, recipes, videos, magazines and blogs. We love sharing, now organizing all of these inspirations is a whole other topic.... Hmmm maybe we just stumbled upon another blog post idea?!

Happy Cooking!

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