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darkblueWellness is the emergence of your optimal well being. It is not just the absence of disease or infirmity, but true wellness is prevention oriented. The practice of positive health habits, including living an active lifestyle, performing cardiovascular and weight training exercises and eating well is paramount to living your best life.

Muscle is very active tissue with high-energy requirements for maintenance and rebuilding processes. Even while we sleep, our skeletal muscles are responsible for more than 25 % of our calorie use. An increase in muscle tissue causes a corresponding increase in our metabolic rate; likewise, a decrease in our muscle tissue causes a corresponding decrease in our metabolic rate.

home imageThe gradual loss of muscle tissue in non-training adults leads to a 5% reduction in metabolic rate every decade of life. This gradual decrease in metabolism is closely related to the gradual increase in body fat that typically accompanies the aging process. When less energy is required for daily metabolic function, calories that were previously used by muscle tissue are stored as fat. Although our metabolism eventually slows down with age, this and other degenerative processes can be markedly delayed through regular strength training. (American Council on Exercise (2003). Personal Trainer Manual, (3rd ed.) 248)

Strength training improves functional capacity to work and exercise, enhances physical appearance, increases metabolic rate, reduces risk of injury, decreases resting blood pressure, builds bone density, and protects against a variety of degenerative problems.

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