Donating Food This Holiday Season

Tips to make sure that you are donating the healthiest options.

Throughout the holiday season many businesses, community organizations and churches hold food drives, and the food banks throughout Austin and Travis County greatly benefit from people’s generosity.  When making a donation, it is important to donate food that is safe and nutritious. By keeping a few simple tips in mind, you can enhance the value of the food donations you make.


To donate safe food items, double check the quality or pack dates on the packages. These dates indicate when the food item will begin to lose its quality and flavor. Donate foods that are well within their quality and pack dates. Also do not donate foods that are past their expiration date.

Canned Food Expiration

Besides looking for a date, be sure to check the integrity of the package. To ensure that the food has not been contaminated, donate only foods from unopened packages, canned items that do not have broken seams or large dents.

Your donation only makes a difference in the life of someone in need if the product donated is within the date marked and of good quality. If you question the integrity of the product or wouldn’t feed it to your family, it is probably best not to donate it.


Donating foods that are safe to eat is important but consider donating food items that are healthy and full of nutrients. During difficult times, it can be a struggle for families to eat healthy. Please consider the following tips when purchasing and donating healthy food items so individuals are able to feed themselves and their families’ quality and nutritious meals.


Healthy food items to donate

• Canned fruits packed in 100 percent juice or dried fruits with no added sugar.

• Canned vegetables with low-sodium.

• Whole grain products such as cereals, oatmeal, pasta, rice and crackers.

• Canned meat such as chicken, tuna, and salmon.

• Dry beans or canned beans (canned in water).

• Peanut butter (no hydrogenated oils).

• Nuts and seeds with no added salt.

• When donating miscellaneous items, choose low sodium, low sugar and low fat (no hydrogenated oils).

• Check with local food pantries about donating perishable foods. Not all pantries can accommodate perishable foods.

If you have a question regarding a food donation, call your local food pantry. 

You can also call Capital Area Food Bank at 512-282-2111. 

Remember food banks and pantries also accept monetary cash donations to accommodate current needs.

Food pantries accept donations throughout the year and work to help those in need during the holidays and every day. Here at Inspired Food and Wellness we hope you donate this holiday season and throughout the year.  

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