High Intensity Interval Training

Incredibly Efficient Training

High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training is appropriate for all fitness levels. Personally, HIIT is my favorite mode of training for both me and my clients. I often do HIIT training two or three times per week – alternating the focus between the upper and lower body. I love the efficiency of the training style – if you are pushed for time – HIIT is a great way to include cardiovascular and resistance training into one 30-45 workout.


HIIT exercises do not need to be high impact. One of my favorite HIIT moves is the sliding mountain climber. No special equipment needed! One of the best places to do this exercise is on your kitchen floor (assuming it is smooth). You can do this in your sock feet or using two small washcloths as “gliding discs”.


If you are a beginner, try doing this exercise for ten seconds at a time with one minute of rest in between each interval. If you are advanced, try one minute intervals with thirty seconds of rest in between each interval. All fitness levels can aim for three sets.


Get into the position seen in the picture below. Make sure you have enough room to fully extend your body into the plank position. Set a timer to measure your intervals. Once you are ready to being, straighten your body into the plank position with straight arms, alternate driving your knees to your chest at a regular fairly quick cadence. When your interval is complete, rest and repeat!


The benefits of HIIT of training are invaluable both from a fitness level improvement stand point and raising your metabolic rate.


The intensity and interval time length simply vary to the appropriate level for the fitness individual. For more detailed information about high intensity interval training (HIIT) go to:



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