How to Use your Weight Training Routine for More than Just Great Biceps

The Joy of Body Over Mind

How to Use your Weight Training Routine for More than Just Great Biceps

My personal training clients often ask me “how do you make yourself get through tough workouts without someone pushing you?”. My answer is a combination of reasons (including but not limited to pride, competitive drive and the desire to enjoy cookies on a regular basis…) but mainly I am able to get through tough workouts because I use my training time for more than just an opportunity to burn calories and tone muscles.

Think about your focus, meditation, confidence, overall wellness and accomplishment.

When I workout, I turn off the world. I tune into my mind, my body, my breathing and my desire to unplug. I strive to be in the moment during the precious time I have to train because, I have to admit, I am not always the world's best at living in the moment. Think of your workout time as your chance to be one with just yourself – it is you against the challenge of your workout plan. That plan is there to help you escape – leave the stress and worries of the world behind while you tackle your current physical challenge. The utter joy of body over mind when you get through a grueling set is a real gift of confidence you can give yourself.

Training time is a luxury. Treat it as such, and you will get through every grueling, burning, shaking, exhausting moment of the time.

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