Launching Inspired Fitness

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Launching Inspired Fitness

I have to admit that when I mentioned to several fitness clients that I was changing the name of my business and rebranding they were surprised. They all told me that they loved the current name of the business (Encourage Fitness) and felt it really embodied the spirit of my philosophies about training and exercise. I was actually happy about the initial resistance of the name change that I received from those clients. It showed me that I was right when I first chose the name Encourage Fitness, but it also underlined why the new name was very fitting.

Throughout my training career, my goals for my clients and business have evolved. I am no longer simply interested in "encouraging" my clients to live a more well life – I want to INSPIRE them!

It is commonly known in the health and wellness industry that training with a buddy makes you much more likely to succeed in your fitness goals. In a word, your friends can INSPIRE you! During the month of September, we want to offer our existing and new customers our "Let your buddy train for free" special. Buy a package of ten sessions for yourself and your "buddy" can train with you for free! We have had great success with this program in the past. Many friends use this deal and split the cost of the ten pack – each saving a significant amount of money per session.

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