Beat the Summer Heat; Cool Off Your Workout!

3 Workout Challenges for Swimmers and Water Aerobics

Beat the Summer Heat; Cool Off Your Workout!

Why not use these warm summer days we still have left to shake up your exercise routine? Sure, you alternate between walking, biking, stair climbing or using the elliptical. That's great! But what about really shaking up your cardio routine by adding two days of swimming and water aerobic style exercises to give your metabolism an added boost?

To complete any of the following workout challenges, you will need a pull buoy (yes a "Pull" not a "Pool" buoy?) that can be purchased at any of your local athletic stores or borrowed from the pool house at your swimming facility.


For the competent free-style and backstroke swimmer...


Set your timer for 30 minutes and do not take breaks between laps.


• 4 free-style laps

• 2 laps upper body pull with the pull buoy between legs go swim

• 2 laps free style kicking using the pull buoy as a "kickboard" – keep face in the water, to breath, take a single arm stroke and put your face back in the water

• 1 lap backstroke kick, arms extended overhead

• 1 lap backstroke

• REPEAT until your thirty minutes are complete

• Make sure to stretch after this workout


For the more experienced swimmer...


Set your timer for 45 and only break as allowed by set rest periods.


• 5 minute freestyle and backstroke combo leisurely warm up. Mix it up, your choice.

• 10 sets 50 freestyle on 1:10

• 10 sets 50 back on 1:30

• Alternate 25 backstroke kick with 25 freestyle kick for 10 minutes, alternating with the side balance kick drill with arms extended overhead on every other freestyle kick lap

• Cool down and stretch


For anyone interested in having a fun aerobic session in the water...


Set your timer for 30-45 minutes, submerge yourself in water that is at least shoulder depth and have fun!


• 1 minute jumping jacks, keeping the palms face down and only extending arms up as high as the water line

• 1 minute "monkey style" jumping jacks (arms pump alternating front to "back instead of out to the side)

• 1 minute boxer punches keeping the feet plants wide, turning the torso with each punch and pushing from your lats

• 1 minute fast pull buoy tricep push downs

• 1 minute fast pull buoy bicep curls, keeping the elbows tight to your sides

• 1 minute chest flys, shoulders downs, arms fully extended, chest up

• 1 minute high knee runs

• 1 minute glute kicks

• 1 minute ab crunches, alternating bringing a knee to your chest

• 1 minute oblique crunches, alternating bringing opposite knee to opposite elbox, keeping the hands crossed and on your shoulders


For those who can: Finish with 15 "Get Up and Outs"; put your hands on the side of the pool deck and lift yourself out of the water to hip height with out touching your body to the side of the pool, lower yourself back down, touch the bottom of the pool. (15 reps!)

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