Tabata Training

What is Tabata Style Training?

What is Tabata Training?

Tabata Style Leg Workout

Tabata training is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) created in 1996 by a Japanese doctor.  It was originally designed to include 20 seconds of extremely intense activity followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated eight times for a total of four minutes of activity and rest.  You can use this training method for strength exercises, cardio exercises or a combination of both when you perform Tabata style workouts.

Used to improve the aerobic and anaerobic systems, Tabata style training, like all forms of HIIT, is believed to have added calorie-blasting benefits beyond what you burn during the intense training intervals.  It is believed that this type of training produces a caloric “after burn” effect. The theory is that the recovery efforts by the body temporarily raise your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and thus you burn more calories at rest.

So, here it is!  Try it and see amazing results.  You will need to select your own weights, but I have included suggested repetitions or time intervals for each exercise.  The goal is for you to be generally spent at the end of each suggested movement.  If you would like to download a Tabata timer for your smart phone, my favorite app is the Tabata Timer by KATR Software.

Leg Workout with Tabata Intervals

8-10 No-weight single leg squats to bench combined with a forward lunge on opposite leg

15 Single leg extensions (suspension strap or machine)


Squat ball toss with 15 pound weighted ball Tabata Style (20/10 X8)

15 Bulgarian lunge

15 Sumo squat


30 Walking weighted single leg dead lift with a lunge in between each alternating hinge

15 Hamstring machine


1 minute each leg reverse set off bench

BBB Inner thigh large exercise ball drops (supine, ball between feet, legs perpendicular to the floor, hinge at the knees


Lunge jumps alternated with squat jumps Tabata Style (20/10 X8)

1 minute Heavily weighted glute lifts on large exercise ball

1 minute No-weight glute lifts on large exercise ball


Mountain Climbers on Slide Discs Tabata Style (20/10 X8)

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